Electric Guitars and Custom Designs

Have you got a custom guitar body shape or design in mind that you’ve always wanted to see come to life?

I can make it happen with you.

Consider anyhow that building a whole wooden electric guitar with a custom design represents multiple weeks of work. This means that the prices in this category start at about 700 euros.

If on a tighter budget but have an idea, anyhow, consider the cigar box guitars I also build, that are a lot more affordable. There is a possibility to do ‘custom’ work on those too – add specific parts/modifications/features, etc.

Let’s discuss it and make it happen!


Raw Custom Design

Custom Design Guitar Body

Your design can turn into something real

Custom pine body with Seymour Duncan pickups


It is also possible that you have a famous/iconic shape in mind, and we can work together to recreate that!
Plank Telecaster