‘Santa Muerte’ Cigar Box Guitar

Not really a ‘cigar box’ guitar – this was made out of a wooden Tea box that whose original paint has been sanded down and then the box has been cut, re-painted and a ‘Santa Muerte’ image has been applied with decoupage technique.
It all started from a ‘harmless’ tea box.
The fretboard goes above the box and it’s crazy long. The first 20 frets have been installed, the rest is fretless.

'Santa Muerte' cigar box guitar

Here an acoustic video, for demo of how it sounds

Here another demo, this time the guitar was plugged in an amp with a little reverb

And this is the happy new owner of this guitar while he’s playing it for the first time

Lastly, here’s a blues-y song I wrote recently, performed with the ‘Santa Muerte’ cigar box guitar – just in time before it gets picked up by its new owner, I thought I’d test drive it properly… as well as my Plank “#01” Telecaster.

Price: 300 Euro’s.
Availability: SOLD.

Contact Me if you are interested in some similar design, it can be done again 🙂